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About Brooklynn Photography
Hi, I’m Brooklynn of Brooklynn Photography! I am a mother, a wife, a stepmother, and a grandmother! I lived a city life for majority of my life until my husband and I found our beautiful home on 8 acres in Newark, Ohio

A few fun facts about me…

I love to travel and go to concerts.

I snowboard, scuba dive, and hunt.

I can paint, play the guitar, and juggle.

I have been creating unique and personal stories through my lens for nearly two decades. I love being an artist with each life event I capture. I love who I become when the camera is in my hand, and I love the smiles of my clients when they see the results.

Professional photographer since 2006.

With a background in studio work, I like to mix great poses with the more natural look to provide you with memories you will love!

Details are important! From hair to clothing or spotting the hair tie on your wrist, I strive to make my clients look their best.

Patience is key! You cannot rush a screaming child or a crying baby, it takes time and calm energy.

Creativity is everything! Choosing your outfit, bringing a prop, angles and lighting, and understanding who you are will take an everyday shoot and make it extraordinary.

Personality is in every portrait! Whether it’s a smile, tears, laughing, pouting, or kissing, every portrait has its own personality.